74th/75th Ave Road Reconstruction

The Municipality of Anchorage Project Management & Engineering Department (MOA PM&E) is planning to upgrade E. 74th Avenue, Nancy Street, Petersburg Street, and E. 75th Avenue (see map below for project limits). Improvements may include:

  • New road foundation
  • New asphalt pavement
  • New curb & gutter
  • New storm drain system
  • New pedestrian facilities
  • New street lighting

MOA PM&E has contracted with CRW Engineering Group, Inc. (CRW) to provide preliminary engineering and design services. CRW will evaluate alternatives to improve the roadway and provide recommendations in a Design Study Memorandum (DSM). The project is funded only through the DSM phase. No funding for construction has been received at this time.

How to get involved:

  • Sign up for e-mail updates by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.
  • Attend your monthly Abbott Loop Community Council Meeting. Go to this page to see current agendas.
  • Attend a public open house meeting: There will be one meeting scheduled during the DSM phase. The first open house is anticipated to be held in early 2024.
  • Contact us anytime with comments or questions at bill.johnson@crweng.com and holly@huddleak.com

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April 2024
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October 2023
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September 2023
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Map of the Project Area